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Is Your Water Line in Trouble?

Your plumbing system does a lot in your home, and it actually encompasses any gas piping that you may use in addition to your faucets, sinks, etc. That being said, most homeowners will recognize the basic function of the plumbing system as distributing water throughout your house. In order to do so, that water must be brought into your plumbing system to begin with. This is the basic—and sole—purpose of your water line: to get that water into your pipes!

It is for precisely this reason that any issues with your water line really cannot be put on the back burner. While your water line is obviously not a complex mechanical system with a lot of moving parts, electronic controls, etc., it may still run into trouble at some point. When it does, you need to move fast. But how do you recognize the signs of problems with your water line? That’s what we’re going to discuss today in order to help you protect your plumbing in Conroe.

How Is Your Water Pressure?

There are multiple reasons why you may encounter low water pressure in your home. It is also entirely possible that you’ll run into water line troubles without it really affect your water pressure in any noticeable way. That being said, this is still certainly a warning sign to be aware of.

If you seem to lose water pressure to just one fixture in your home, then you are probably dealing with a localized issue. If water pressure throughout the entire house drops, though, then it could be the result of a leaky water line. Don’t take the risk—have the problem investigated right away.

Is Your Lawn Soggy?

If so, and it is not due to recent heavy rains, then you could be feeling the saturation of water coming out of your water line. It may result in some decent looking vegetation, but remember: you’re paying for it! Don’t waste your money on water that you’re wasting entirely!

Also remember that wet and muddy patches are not the only issues that could result from a leaky water line. It is also possible that your property itself will be damaged. Once the foundation of your home is affected, you could be looking at considerable costs right away.

Are Your Bills Spiking?

Depending upon where the leak in your water main is, you may see a spike in your water costs. If you’re not using any more water than is normal, but you’re still noticing a big spike in your water bills, let us know right away. Something is not adding up, and our plumbers will figure out why.

Your water line may be hidden from view, but that does not mean that you can afford to keep it out of mind. Be aware of your water line and the warning signs that it may be giving you. Doing so can save you some serious headaches in the long run.

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