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Would You Like to Cool Your Home More Efficiently?

Great, you may be thinking as you instinctively reach for your mouse, a sales pitch for a more efficient air conditioner that I could not possibly afford. No thanks! Don’t worry—and don’t click away! Yes, we are happy to help you choose a new, more efficient AC to install in your home, but that is not at all the focus of today’s post. Quite the opposite, in fact. Today, we want to help you to better understand how it is that you can use your existing AC to cool your home more efficiently.

It is not as hard as you may think, and it really need not demand investing in expensive new technology—though some minor upgrades may be well-worth your consideration. Read on, and let the professional AC technicians on our team know if you have any questions. The following suggestions may be simple, but they are a good step toward more efficient air conditioning in Spring, TX.

Draw the Curtains When You Leave the House in the Morning

Hey, we told you that these suggestions were going to be simple, didn’t we? We don’t expect you to sit in darkness all day, but most of us are not home for a good chunk of the day when the temperatures outside are at their hottest. So why leave those shades open and allow for the kind of heat gain that will challenge your AC throughout the day, even if it is set at a modest temperature.

Spend some money on good, light blocking curtains, and you can help to take some of the strain off of your AC. By all means, open them up when you get home, too. You don’t have to go full mole-person, after all! Every little bit helps, though, and the sun is obviously going to be a heat source for your empty home.

Upgrade Your Thermostat

We’re not going to tell you that you need to upgrade your entire HVAC system in order to enjoy efficient cooling, but it wouldn’t hurt to upgrade your thermostat in most cases. This is especially true if you are using an old manual thermostat to control your HVAC system.

Upgrading to a thermostat that you can program to work around your own work/vacation/daily schedule is a great way in which to boost efficiency without coming home to a sweltering environment at the end of the day. Of course, you could also invest in a smart thermostat if your system is compatible, so give us a call to discuss your options.

Schedule Routine Maintenance

You have to spend money to make money, they say, right? When it comes to your AC’s performance and efficiency, though, it should really go “you have to spend a little money to reap big savings”. That is because routine maintenance is, without a doubt, the best way to keep your AC system functioning at peak performance and efficiency levels.