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Is Your AC Starting and Stopping Rapidly?

If so, then you are experiencing firsthand the phenomenon that we in the biz call “short cycling”. Now, you may assume that this is just an annoying quirk of your air conditioning system—that it is not that big of a problem because your air conditioner is still producing cool air when it is up and running. This could not be further from the truth, though. Remember, the fact that your AC is up and running in no way guarantees that it is running properly—and a short cycling AC is definitely not running properly.

So what can cause this problem? Well, keep reading to find out. The “good” news is that, while you definitely want to resolve a short cycling issue immediately, it is not always the result of a very serious underlying problem. The bad news is that, well: sometimes it is. And the worse news is that there may be an issue at play that has no real solution, short of a full system replacement. So let’s take a closer look into what’s potentially behind your short cycling air conditioner in Spring, TX.

It May Just be a Dirty Air Filter

Wait, seriously? If I had known that, I would have been changing my filter more consistently! Browsing through our blog posts from days past will prove that we love reminding homeowners to do just that!

While most AC maintenance needs to be handled professionally, simply changing your air filter as needed is one of the most effective ways in which to help your system succeed. If the filter is too dirty, then it may create so much airflow resistance that it causes the system to overheat, and it will shut down (short cycling) in order to prevent damages.

It Could Be a Refrigerant Leak

Readers of our blog will also know that we warn about the dangers of refrigerant leaks from time to time. The refrigerant in your air conditioner is its heat transfer fluid, and it is responsible for the removal of heat from the house and releasing it outdoors (along with the indoor [evaporator] coil and the outdoor [condenser] coil). If your system has a low refrigerant charge due to a leak (or an improper factory charge) then your system will struggle to cool your home effectively.

It will overheat, which can lead to short cycling. The evaporator coil can get cold enough to freeze the condensation collected on it, exacerbating the problem. And eventually, the compressor could be damaged beyond repair. If your filter is not dirty, then you need to contact us to get to the source of the problem. Never risk an untreated refrigerant leak.

Worse, Your System May Be Improperly Sized

You need to have skilled, trained professionals install your air conditioning system. It is that simple. If you don’t, then you run the risk of an improperly sized air conditioner being installed on your property.

Too large, and the system will cool your home too rapidly. This can cause short cycling, leading to excessive wear and tear. Too small, and the system will struggle to cool your home. That too causes short cycling, through overheating, and the result is the same. A full replacement will be needed.

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