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Let a Professional Plumber Handle Your Sump Pump Services

Always be prepared. It’s actually pretty good advice, but let’s face it—you can’t be prepared for everything, right? Life certainly has a way of catching us all off guard from time to time. At some point, you are bound to wind up in a situation that you simply did not prepare for. Let’s just hope that it is not a situation in which your home is put at risk for serious damages, when a bit of preparation could really have helped to mitigate that risk.

Flooding in your home’s lowest level is precisely one of those situations. When heavy rains hit, you may think that there is really no way in which to prevent water damage to your property. In instances of extreme flooding, that may be the case. When you’re talking about most storms, though, a properly sized and installed sump pump can really make a difference. Just remember to schedule your sump pump services with a professional plumber in Houston, TX.

What Is a Sump Pump, Exactly?

A sump pump is pretty simple in theory. It is a pump that is installed in the lowest point of your home, where water is going to naturally flow in instances of flooding due to heavy rains or even plumbing issues in your home. The pump is installed in a sump pit, hence the name.

The pump is activated automatically when the water level in that pit reaches high enough to activate a float switch. There are a few different types of sump pumps, with some being submergible in the sump pit itself, and others sitting on a pedestal with some components being submerged.

This pump has one job, and one job only. That is to prevent water damage to your property by continuing to pump water out of your home until the level in the sump pit is low enough to deactivate the system. We’ll make sure that your sump pump is ideally located, that it is sized for your needs, and that it continues to function at peak performance and efficiency levels.

Leave your sump pump services to the pros at Milton Frank Plumbing & Cooling.