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Have You Considered Ductless Air Conditioning?

While we certainly have not yet moved back into the hottest period of the year, it really is not going to be that much longer before we arrive in that destination. That means that you need to start thinking seriously about your air conditioning options if you are going to be replacing your existing system this year, or if you need a brand new system to install in a new home. One option you should definitely consider is ductless air conditioning.

No, before you ask, we are not talking about using multiple window units to cool your home. These units leave your home unsecured. They’re noisy. They are also rather inefficient when compared to whole-house cooling options. And make no mistake about it. A ductless air conditioning system is not only a whole-house cooling option, but also one of the most efficient whole-house cooling options out there! Give us a call after reading this post if you think that ductless air conditioning is right for you.

How Does It Work (Especially without Ducts)?

A ductless air conditioning system actually shares a lot in common with a traditional split central air conditioning system. The ductless mini split has an outdoor unit, for instance, where refrigerant is condensed in order to release heat that its absorbed within the house. The refrigerant evaporates in indoor evaporator coils (yes, “coils,” the plural). There is also a lot that differentiates the two systems, though.

The most obvious difference, of course, is that a ductless mini split system does not use air ducts in its operation. Instead, it uses multiple wall-mounted blowers that connect directly to a single outdoor unit via simple conduits containing power, refrigerant, and any necessary drainage lines. These blowers work independently of one another, acting as individual air handlers. Each is controlled by its own thermostat. So why might one opt for this type of setup, as opposed to a more stadard ducted system?

What Ductless AC Has to Offer

Okay, first of all, we should not really be limiting the topic to ductless AC. The truth of the matter is that, while cooling-only models are available, most homeowners opting for ductless HVAC systems choose the heat pump model. Like ducted air-source heat pumps, this type of ductless system allows you to both heat and cool your home with just one system!

Also like other heat pumps is the fact that ductless mini splits do not heat by generating new heat. They do so via the heat transfer process, in which existing heat from the air outside is transfered into the house in order to heat it with great efficiency. Because there is no risk of duct leaks, and because zoning is inherent with this type of system and its independent air handlers, ductless heating and cooling systems are leaders in the industry when it comes to energy efficiency.

Also, homeowners without air ducts in place should really take note of this system. It is ideal for retrofit jobs, as the installation of a ductless mini split is much less invasive than integrating air ducts into existing properties is.

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