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What Constitutes a Plumbing Emergency?

You don’t need us to tell you just how important your plumbing system is to your day to day life. What you may need a reminder about, however, is the fact that no problem with your plumbing system should really be considered “minor”. Any and all issues that you encounter with your plumbing should be dealt with in a swift and effective manner.

That being said, there are certain issues with your plumbing system that may take precedence over others. A small leak in at a connection point or even a dripping faucet may not warrant a call to a 24-hour plumbing service. They should be resolved as soon as possible, of course, since they will waste a lot of water over time, but they can typically wait until regular business hours. So when should you schedule emergency plumbing services in Magnolia, TX?

When Problems Just Can’t Wait

Simply put, a plumbing emergency is just a problem that is going to seriously compromise your convenience, your property, or both. Like we said and like you yourself know, the plumbing system in your home plays a major role each and every day, throughout the day. Issues with its performance that really impeded its operation are emergencies. These may include the following.

  • Major Leaks. Water is an incredibly important resource. That being said, water also has the potential to cause a lot of damage in your home. When your plumbing system develops a leak, it is not just the immediate damage of flood water that you have to worry about. You also have to worry about the cost associated with the wasted water itself, as well as the potential for mold to develop in very damp conditions.
  • Backed Up Drains. Problems with your plumbing system don’t only come from the supply side. If you have drains or toilets in your home that are backing up into your living space, then hygiene is a major concern. You need to have any such problems in your home resolved as soon as possible.
  • No Hot Water. Okay, so a broken down water heater may not damage your home in the way that the last two examples can. That doesn’t mean that it is of any less concern, though. You need hot water to clean, to do the laundry, to shower, etc. If your water heater breaks down on a Friday night, you may not be willing to wait until Monday morning to have a new one put in. That’s enough to qualify as an emergency in our book!

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