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Common Kitchen Plumbing Problems

When you think of your plumbing system, your mind may immediately go to the bathroom. If this is the most obvious association that most homeowners make with their plumbing systems, then the kitchen is definitely not far behind. The kitchen plumbing system gets a lot of use, from the preparation of meals to cleaning up after a big dinner party. It is also one of the areas where plumbing problems are most likely to occur. While not all of them are the result of user error, many are.

Regardless of the challenges that you encounter with your kitchen plumbing in Cypress, you need to act fast to minimize any potential impact on your day to day routine. It is not as though you can really afford to shut the kitchen down for a few weeks before you get around to repairs! Even relatively “minor” kitchen plumbing issues can have a big effect on your convenience of living. Here are some of the more common kitchen plumbing problems that we encounter.

Leaky Faucets/Connections

Sure, leaky pipe connections can develop just about anywhere. If you notice water staining on the ceiling of your bedroom, though, that problem is probably really going to jump out at you. If you see water on the floor in your kitchen, though, you may not be as quick to jump to the conclusion that there is a problem. Maybe you just dripped some water on the floor when washing the veggies or loading up the dishwasher.

If you do have a leaky connection, be it to the fixture itself or to an appliance like the dishwasher or an icemaker, then you need to have the problem resolved promptly. The same is true even with as simple an issue as a leaky faucet. Even small leaks can waste vast amounts of water over time, and they pose a risk to your property itself, as well.

Broken Garbage Disposals

Okay, remember how we mentioned that a lot of kitchen plumbing problems can be traced back to human error? Well, this is very often the case when it comes to the need for garbage disposals repairs. Garbage disposals are pretty tough in general, and have just one job to do. That does not mean, however, that you can just dump anything that you want down there.

If you are putting very hard, very fibrous, or fatty and greasy materials down your drain, then you can expect to run into problems with your garbage disposal. Make the smart choice, and refer to your garbage disposal’s literature to learn more about what it can and cannot process.

Clogged Drains

This one can tie in with the garbage disposal problem, as the two are not always mutually exclusive. If you are putting fats, oils, and grease, or starchy materials like rice and pasta down the drain, then clogs are imminent. Even after being run through the garbage disposal, these materials can easily create clogs.

If you do run into clogged drains, we strongly urge you to have the system cleaned out by a professional. This will be much more thorough than DIY attempts, and will help to prevent the accumulation of new clogs in rapid fashion. Schedule your kitchen plumbing services with our team.

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