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ERVs Protect Efficiency and Air Quality

When the heat of the summer season really descends upon us once more, you are going to be running your air conditioner with great regularity. Chances are, you’ll also be sealing up your home in order to keep the heat out and prevent it from warming up the air that you’ve paid to cool. While this practice is obviously logically sound, it does lead to some problems.

Mainly, the concern with running your AC and sealing your home tightly is that you are sacrificing indoor air quality for energy efficiency. Of course, when you choose to use an ERV in Spring, TX, you won’t have to worry about that. If you don’t already have an ERV in place, contact our technicians to schedule an installation before the heat really starts to rise.

Ventilate Your Home without Wasting Energy

While preventing heat from entering your home means cooling that home efficiently, the fact of the matter is that it also means letting the air in your home go stale. When you cycle air throughout your house over and over and over again, especially considering the dehumidifying effect of air conditioning, you wind up with air of a subpar quality. It will be too dry, and you may wind up cycling pollutants throughout your home over and over as well.

With an energy recovery ventilator, you bring in fresh, hot air, but not before the outgoing cool air has been used in order to absorb heat from the incoming air. That means that you get all of the benefits of fresh air, but without driving up temperatures in your home. Even better is the fact that the very same system can be used in the winter in order to preheat the fresh, but cold, air coming into your home. Humidity is balanced by the ERV, as well.

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