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Don't Forget About Your Air Conditioning Tune-Up

Here in Texas, we get to start enjoying the summer heat earlier than a lot of people in chillier climates throughout the country. That also means that we have less time to get our act together when it comes to preparing our air conditioners for the heat of summer. If you want to make it through the summer season comfortably in your home, you really cannot afford to overlook the need for air conditioning maintenance in Spring, TX.

The benefits of routine air conditioning maintenance really cannot be overstated, especially not in as hot an area as ours. If you need a reminder or two of why professional maintenance is so necessary, though, we’ve got some information for you to consider. We also have a promotion for you to take advantage of, and a brief explanation of how routine maintenance can benefit you.

What Does Routine AC Maintenance Entail?

If you think that air conditioning maintenance is complete once you’ve changed the air filter and perhaps hosed off the outdoor unit, think again. There is a whole lot more to it than this. We certainly encourage you to keep your air filter fresh and to clear your outdoor unit of any debris. However, this is really not even the tip of the iceberg when it comes to what professional service means.

We recommend that you take advantage of our Gold Key Service Plan to get the most from your maintenance. As a member, you will get both a “spring cleaning” for your AC system, as well a fall safety service. During the AC maintenance half of this agreement, we will complete a number of important tasks.

  • Cleaning the evaporator coil.
  • Checking the blower.
  • Inspecting the condensing unit.
  • Testing the thermostat
  • Checking refrigerant.
  • Checking electrical connections.
  • And much more!

Why Bother with Maintenance Every Year, Though?

Because a single season of operation is more than enough time for your air conditioning system to accrue a considerable amount of wear and tear. At the very least, you’re going to want to know that your system’s moving parts are freshly lubricated and that components such as fan and motor belts are not worn out. Just because your system is running reliably doesn’t mean that it is running at optimal performance levels, after all.

Not only does routine maintenance ensure that your system is running as reliably as possible, but as efficiently as well. Think about it. If you never tune up your car, have the tires aligned, etc., you’re probably not going to be getting the kind of gas mileage that you hope for. When a mechanical system is poorly maintained, it struggles to do its job. That leads it to consume more energy than it should have to.

Call Today to Schedule Service

Not only can you enjoy benefits like priority service and 15% discounts on breakdown repairs — among other perks — by enrolling in our maintenance plan, but you can also take advantage of a special promotion that we are offering right now. Use this coupon for $10 off a performance tune-up. We want to help you get the most from your home comfort system.

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