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Do You Have Hard Water in Your Home?

Certain problems with your water quality constitute a real emergency. If you have harmful bacteria in your water, for instance, you really need to get the right treatment solution in place before anyone in your home gets seriously ill. While certain other issues may not be as dangerous, however, they can still cause big problems. This is the case with hard water.

Do you know if there is hard water in your home? Do you know what types of problems hard water can lead to? We are here to help you learn the facts about hard water, as well as to help you understand how to resolve the problem. Read on, and remember to schedule your water treatment system services in Spring, TX with our plumbers.

The Problem

Okay, so I have hard water in my home — meaning the ice in my freezer? No, of course not! When we talk about hard water, we mean water coming from your plumbing fixtures that has too high a concentration of minerals within. Typically, hard water is laden with magnesium and calcium.

These minerals are not dangerous, but they can leave hideous deposits on your fixtures, rings around your bathtub, and make it difficult to get your laundry or your body really clean. If you think you just have to live with the problem or scrub the tub more frequently, though, think again.

The Solution

The solution to your hard water problem is to schedule professional water treatment services with the plumbers on our staff. We can outfit your system with a whole-house water softener, which replaces the minerals in the water with sodium ions. All you have to do is refill the tank with softener salt as required. The system flushes itself out as needed, and softens all of the water coming into the house.

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