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How Does Zone Controlled Cooling Work?

What would you do if you went to look at a house to purchase, only to find that the house in question just had one light switch for the entire living space? You probably wouldn’t put up with having to light up the whole house when you just wanted to turn on the lights in one room, right? Well, why are you so keen on cooling your entire house to just one temperature throughout, then? With a zone control system in Spring, TX, you can take greater control over the way in which you cool your home.

A zone control system allows you to adjust temperatures in a single zone in your house without having to raise or lower the temperature in others. There are many advantages to cooling your home in this manner. Just remember that only trained professionals can guarantee that your system is compatible with such an upgrade, and that the right products are used in the right way. Consider the following, and let us know if you think you’d like to zone your home.

How Does It Work?

In theory, zone control systems are actually pretty straightforward. Let us start off by saying that simply shutting registers or vents throughout the house is not going to have the same effect as using a zone control system, and none of its benefits. in fact, doing that can cause an imbalance in the system that can actually force it to work harder than it should have to.

With a zone control system, you’ll have multiple mechanical dampers installed throughout your ductwork. These wire into a central control panel, as do the thermostats that will be installed throughout the house, one per zone. When you adjust any given thermostat, the required dampers will also adjust in order to meet and maintain the temperature desired in that temperature zone. The system will modulate the operation of your AC to ensure that temperatures stay at the set level.

What Are the Benefits?

The most basic benefit of using a zone control system is the most obvious — maintaining different temperatures in different areas of the house. The fact is that some people are comfortable at different temperatures than others. Using a zone control system can help you to mitigate any squabbles regarding the temperature settings.

Plus, you can not only live more comfortably, but potentially at a lesser cost. When you turn down the AC in those areas that don’t really need it — like empty bedrooms — or only turn it up in areas where it’s necessary — a hot kitchen — you can cut back on your cooling costs. Not only that, but using your air conditioner in this more strategic fashion also means that you can help to cut down on the wear and tear to your system.

Keep in mind that not all air conditioning systems will be a good fit for zone control. Some older models may not even be capable of such integration. Our team will help you decide if zone control is right for you and your system, though.

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