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Common AC Repairs: Refrigerant Leaks

If there is one thing that you can count on during July in Texas, it is that you are going to be running your air conditioning system very regularly. What else can you count on? The fact that any problems with your air conditioner, no matter how “minor” they may appear to be, can cause you serious trouble and discomfort.

Of course, there are some problems that are simply more serious than others. One of the most serious issues that can afflict your air conditioning system in Spring, TX is the refrigerant leak. Read on to learn about some of the warning signs that your system is leaking refrigerant.

Decreased Cooling Output

Have you noticed that the air blowing out of your air conditioning system is not quite as cool as it usually is? This could definitely be the result of an air conditioning leak. Remember, the evaporation of refrigerant is key to the removal of heat from the air in your home. If there is not the right amount of refrigerant in your system, then that system will struggle to remove heat from your home successfully.

Short Cycling

Does it seem like your system is starting and stopping too frequently? This too could be the result of low refrigerant levels caused by leaks. Your system is struggling to cool the air in your home effectively, and that struggle can lead to overheating. This can lead to the system shutting down, starting up, running briefly, then needing to shut down again.


Ice may develop on your evaporator coil, and the refrigerant lines themselves, when you have a refrigerant leak. The coil cannot absorb a sufficient amount of heat from the air passing over it, and that means that it will get too cold. This can cause condensation to freeze on the coil, and that layer of ice can also lead to short cycling as described above.

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