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Your Heater Needs to Be Sized Correctly

There is no question about it. Too big or too small, an improperly sized heater is going to negatively affect you in a number of ways. If you want to make sure that your heater in Spring, TX is of the right size for your home, schedule your installation with our team.

Properly sizing a heater is more complicated than just looking up your home’s square footage. A heat load calculation is necessary to determine just how big your heater should be. Sizing a heater is part of the installation process that must not be overlooked.

Too Small

If your heater is too small, you can guess that it is going to have a hard time heating your home. You may not guess just how extensive the problems will be, though. Consider the following consequences of an undersized heater.

  • Your heater is going to struggle to heat your home effectively and evenly. This will leave you wanting for the comfort that you deserve.
  • Your heater will run longer than it should have to. This will cause it to consume more energy than it should. Higher heating costs are the result.
  • Your heater will incur unnecessary wear and tear over time, and that can lead to increased frequency of repair needs.

Too Big

You may think that an oversized system is at least preferable to an undersized one, but that really isn’t the case. In fact, oversized systems have many of the same issues. They just come about for different reasons.

  • Your heater will cost more upfront if it is overpowered. Don’t pay for a heating capacity that you’ll never need.
  • Your heater will heat your home up too fast. This doesn’t sound so bad, but it leads to short cycling.
  • Your heater will turn off and on too frequently, wasting energy and putting a lot of wear on the system.

Make the right call, and let Milton Frank Plumbing handle your heating installation.