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Tank or Tankless? Choosing Your Next Water Heater

We understand that buying a new water heater may not be quite as exciting as, say, buying a brand new car. However, you cannot simply go without hot water in your home just because your water heater in Spring, TX has broken down. In fact, you really ought to have your water heater replacement completed before that situation comes to pass.

Regardless of what type of water heater you’ve always used in the past, it never hurts to consider the various options available to you today. A good place to start is by determining if you want a tank or a tankless water heater. This is not necessarily an obvious decision to make.

Tankless Does Have Its Benefits

The major draw of the tankless water heater is that it offers such great energy efficiency. This is due largely to the fact that standby energy loss is completely eliminated. When you store hot water in a tank, some of the heat in that tank can transfer out and into the air surrounding it. This is called standby energy loss, which the tankless water heater eliminates entirely by ditching the tank altogether.

Additionally, there is the fact that tankless water heaters are very compact. With no tank to accommodate, tankless water heaters can be installed safely in even fairly tight quarters. If you’re low on storage space, that can be enticing.

The Tank Does Too, Though

Don’t discount the standard tank water heater too quickly, however. Tank water heaters are more affordable upfront than tankless models are. Yes, tankless water heaters last longer, so you can recoup your investment over the years in the form of energy savings. However, some homeowners are certainly going to want the cheaper upfront cost.

Plus, tank water heaters won’t be overwhelmed as easily in instances where large amounts of hot water are needed throughout the house at the same time. If this is often the case in your home, then going for a tank water heater and its reservoir may be the right move.

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