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Issues with Low Humidity

We live in a pretty dry, hot area. There are a lot of advantages to doing so. Like anything else, however, pros come with cons. If you don’t maintain sufficient levels of humidity in your home, for instance, you are going to encounter a number of negative consequences. Fortunately for you, the professionals on our staff are here to help. We specialize not only in keeping homes comfortable in terms of temperature, but also in helping homeowners to enjoy great indoor air quality.

While you may not immediately notice the symptoms of low humidity the way that you might excessively hot temperatures, these symptoms can be very serious. Following are a few to look out for. Remember that the best way to resolve such problems is by using a whole-house humidifier in Spring, TX.

What to Expect from Very Dry Air

You may be wondering how bad dry air could really be. What kind of problems could it possible cause? Well, there are a lot of them, and they are more severe than you may think. When you consider the fact that running an air conditioner can dry air out further, the issue is even more pronounced.

  1. Dry and itchy skin. Are you constantly apply salve to your hands? Is your skin cracking and bleeding because it’s so dried out? Can’t this lead to issues with infections if you’re not careful? Problems cause by dry skin are as much as a threat to your health as to your comfort. Humidifying the air surrounding it helps to prevent your skin from drying out.
  2. Sore throats and bloody noses. Talk about discomfort. If you are frequently plugging up your nose because of nosebleeds, or forcing conversation through a sore throat, it is very possible that very dry air is involved. If these problems persist, your body is at greater risk of illness. Once your mucous membranes dry out, you are missing your first line of defense against illness.
  3. Property damage. That’s right, it’s not just your health and comfort at risk when the air in your home is too dry. Your property is at risk as well. You could experience a spike in static shocks, putting sensitive electronics at risk. You may run into issues with splitting wooden floorboards or fixtures. You could notice chip painting and wallpaper cracking. All of this can be avoided with sufficient humidity, though.

Choose a Whole-House Solution

You can buy a cheap portable humidifier at the local hardware store. If you really want to resolve issues with very dry air in your home, though, you should opt for a whole-house humidifier. That way, you can treat the problem not only effectively and efficiently, but conveniently as well.

These systems are integrated into your HVAC system. They don’t require that tanks be filled, and you won’t have to move a portable unit around the house. They do require a professional installation, though. That’s where we come in.

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