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Replacing Your AC This Year?

For the most part, temperatures are still pretty cool around here right now. While we’ve had the occasional day hit the 80’s, we’re looking at a lot of 60’s-low 70’s for the immediate future. While you may not be planning on running your air conditioner in Spring, TX anytime soon, the fact remains that it won’t be too much longer before the heat of the summer season is upon us once more. If you want to make it through another incredibly hot summer unfazed, then you may need to replace your AC.

No air conditioner is going to last forever, obviously. With routine maintenance and prompt AC repairs when necessary, you can keep your air conditioner up and running reliably for a long time. Don’t push things too far, though. It is always better to schedule a planned AC replacement than it is to have your air conditioner break down on you unexpectedly.

When to Consider a Replacement

There are various points at which you may want to start thinking about replacing your air conditioner. Now, we know that you want to get the best return possible on your investment. If any of the following scenarios are sounding familiar, however, replacing your system now may be the path to follow.

  • Old age. It may seem strange to replace an air conditioner that is still functioning pretty well. It’s important to keep in mind, though, the fact that your air conditioner is not going to last forever. All air conditioning systems have finite lifespans. If your system is approaching its projected endpoint, or if it is already beyond the projected lifespan, then replacing it before it breaks down makes sense.
  • Unreliability. We have some incredibly skilled HVAC technicians on our staff. However, you have to understand that the fact that an AC can be repaired does not necessarily mean that it is worth repairing. If you have a system that is getting older and needs and expensive repair, or if your system is costing a lot to keep up and running, then replacing it with a more reliable air conditioner is an option to keep in mind.
  • Overall dissatisfaction. When you bought your air conditioner, did you rush to make a decision? Are you unhappy with the design of your system? Did you inherit a system that you’d not have chosen for yourself? Even if your AC is functioning properly, it’s worth replacing if you’re just not happy with it. After all, your 100% satisfaction should be guaranteed.
  • Efficiency. Or rather, inefficiency. If you are paying too much to cool your home, you should think about replacing your system even if it’s not that old. We have hot enough weather around here that running an inefficient AC can really take a toll over time. Spending the money now to upgrade a system can help you to save money in the long run.

Let Milton Frank Plumbing handle your air conditioning replacement service. We carry some of the finest systems available, and we always install them right.