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Is Ductless Heating Right for Me?

It’s very possible—even if you don’t know it yet! In an area like ours, where winter weather is not as severe as in the Northeast or areas of the Midwest, heat pump technology is an ideal heating solution. More on that below. While air-source heat pumps have many great benefits to offer homeowners, the ductless mini split adds a few more to the equation. What that leaves you with is an incredibly convenient and efficient home comfort system.

Just remember that even the best HVAC systems on the market can fail to excel in their operation if you do not schedule your installation, repair, and maintenance services with skilled, trained professionals. Trust us when we tell you that our technicians have plenty of experience with ductless mini splits in Magnolia, TX, and that they will ensure that you get the best that your system has to offer. And now, let’s dive a little deeper into what a ductless heating system can do for you.

Don’t Make New Heat, Transfer Existing Heat!

While we may run our air conditioners a lot more than we do our heaters in this part of the country, that doesn’t mean that heating efficiency shouldn’t be a priority. But what if we told you that you can enjoy a great cooling performance and a very efficient heating experience with just one system. It may sound too good to be true, but it’s not. It’s a heat pump!

Heat pumps work by evaporating refrigerant in the indoor coil during the summer, just like a central AC. This removes heat from the air in the house, and that heat is released outdoors. A component called a reversing valve, however, allows the heat pump to reverse this method of operation. In the winter, the system evaporates refrigerant in the outdoor coil, and that refrigerant is then compressed to further boost its thermal energy. By condensing the refrigerant in the indoor coil, the system heats the home without having to generate new heat.

Ductless Mini Splits Stand Apart

Ductless mini splits are heat pumps, but they don’t need ductwork in order to operate. Rather than using a centralized unit with air ducts to distribute heated and cooled air throughout the house, ductless mini splits use multiple wall-mounted blowers in the house to distribute the conditioned air. These connect to a single outdoor unit via simple conduits containing power and refrigerant lines.

Benefits of Going Ductless

Ductless mini splits are the perfect fit for those homes without existing ductwork, or for those that simply cannot accommodate the installation of bulky air ducts. Because the blowers are all controlled independently of one another, these systems also allow for simple zone control throughout the house. You don’t have to set just one temperature to maintain in every area.

Plus, the elimination of ductwork actually helps to boost energy efficiency further. You don’t have air leaks to worry about, and that also helps to protect indoor air quality. Contact us with any questions that you may have about ductless mini splits.

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