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Get Your AC Ready for the Heat!

Yes, it is early December. Yes, this the time of the year when the majority of homeowners in our area are shutting their air conditioners in Magnolia, TX down for a resting period, instead turning to their home heating systems to keep them comfortable. The fact of the matter, however, is that things will warm up pretty fast one the spring sets in again.

While many of us enjoy this cooler time of the year, it is important that you just don’t just throw your air conditioning system back into regular rotation when the cooling season arrives once more. Your air conditioner needs its annual tune-up before you can do that. Some homeowners think that this tune-up must happen in the spring, but that is not really true. Sticking to a yearly schedule, be it at the start or the end of the cooling season, is what counts.

The Risks of Infrequent Air Conditioning Tune-Ups

My AC was working just fine—what happened? Chances are that you had too much faith in your air conditioner, assuming that the fact that it worked just fine on the last day you needed it means that it will work just fine when next you need it. This is not an assumption that you can make. If you ran a marathon successfully, would you just sit around on the couch without getting back into shape before running the next one? If so, you are not going to be seeing that finish line any time soon!

So what are the consequences of skipping even just one annual tune-up, going from the spring of one year all the way until the end of the cooling season the next year? Any of these issues may, and likely will, develop.

  • Decreased cooling efficiency, leaving you to pay more to cool your home than you have had to previously.
  • Increased risk of repair needs, because your system simply was not in the great condition necessary to move into a new cooling season.
  • Decreased performance quality, meaning that you aren’t just paying more, but that you’re paying more for less comfort.
  • Eventually, if you miss enough tune-ups, you are even looking at a shortened lifespan from your AC system.

We know that we’re entering not just the coolest time of the year around here, but also the holiday season. Things can get pretty hectic, and a comfort system that you’re not currently using probably won’t be at the forefront of your mind. Just remember that you need to put it back at the front of your thoughts before you put it back to work.

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