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HVAC Efficiency Tips

Whether heating your home in the winter or cooling it down in the summer, the ultimate end goal of the endeavor is the same — to live in consistent comfort. That is not the only commonality that heating and cooling your home share, though. You also want to be sure that you are heating and/or cooling your home as efficiently as possible.

Upgrading your heating and/or cooling system with a brand new, high-efficiency model is obviously one way in which to heat and/or cool your home more efficiently. It is not the only way, though. Keep these tips from our Spring, TX HVAC experts in mind, and start enjoying more efficient comfort in your living space.

  • When heating your home, be sure to leave the curtains open during the daytime. The heat gain from the sun can help to bring up temperatures. In the summer, keep those curtains closed when you leave the house in the morning. This will help to prevent unwanted heat gain.
  • Thinking about upgrading your air conditioner or heater in order to boost energy efficiency? In some cases, upgrading just the thermostat will be enough to make a difference. If you are using an old dial or slide thermostat, or if your very basic digital thermostat is not programmable, a programmable model can help to improve control over your system.
  • Hot or cold spots throughout your home could indicate leaking ductwork. By having your air ducts professionally sealed, you can both improve energy efficiency and increase comfort levels throughout your home.
  • Last but certainly not least, be sure to always schedule routine air conditioning and heating maintenance. It is impossible to overstate just how vital it is that you do so on an annual basis. Only when your systems are tuned up regularly by qualified professionals can you hope to enjoy the best heating and cooling performance that they have to offer.

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