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What Causes Low Water Pressure?

There are many problems that you may encounter with the plumbing system in your home. Burst pipes, backed up drains, and many others can be seriously inconvenient, and can even cause costly damages. While low water pressure is not going to leave you with a flooded home — probably — it can be incredibly annoying and detrimental to your daily routine.

Like most other plumbing problems, there are a few different potential causes of low water pressure that you may encounter. Whatever your unique situation may be, you can count on our professional plumbers in Spring, TX to resolve the issue entirely. Here are a few likely culprits of low water pressure.

  1. Hard Water: You’ve seen what hard water can do to your plumbing fixtures, leaving a hideous buildup of minerals on your once shiny faucets and their handles. Now, stop and think about what that may do to the interior surfaces of your pipes themselves. If you have too much buildup in your pipes due to hard water, it can make it difficult for water to pass through, and that can reduce water pressure while also increasing pressure within the pipes! You may need certain pipes replaced, and can combat the issue further with the use of a water softener.
  2. Leaks: When most homeowners try to think of a reason why they may be experiencing low water pressure, the first thing that comes to mind is typically a worst case scenario: serious leaks. While it is possible that a leak in your main water line may reduce water pressure throughout your home, it is not always a symptom of this particular issue. If you have low water pressure at just one fixture in the house, it is very possible that a supply line to that single fixture is leaking. We’ll make sure your leaks are repaired effectively.
  3. Municipal Supply Issues: If you cannot figure out why the water pressure in your home is low, it may be do to the fact that the problem is well outside of your house itself. Contact your municipal water utility to ask if there are problems causing low pressure in your area. If so, be sure to ask what corrective actions are being taken.

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