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Trouble Cooling Your Home? Is Your Thermostat to Blame?

Living in Texas means living with fairly intense heat for much of the year. With the temperatures soaring as high as they so often do around here, getting a great performance from your home cooling system is an absolute necessity. What it is not, unfortunately, is guaranteed. There are many reasons as to why your AC may falter, and your thermostat in Spring, TX may be to blame.

There are a lot of thermostat options available, and we often recommend that homeowners upgrade to newer technology. Regardless of what type of thermostat you choose to use, though, its failure to operate properly and accurately can seriously impede the overall operation of your AC system. Read on, and let us know if you’re having any cooling troubles.

  1. Improper placement can negatively affect your thermostat’s ability to read temperatures accurately and to regulate your HVAC system’s operation properly. The location in which the thermostat is installed can greatly influence its performance. Placing a thermostat in a poorly insulated area, next to a door or window, or even in direct sunlight can manipulate its readings and lead to issues in maintaining temperatures.
  2. It is also possible that your thermostat itself may malfunction. If this is the case, simply moving it to a more appropriate setting is not going to resolve any problems. While many issues with your thermostat may be fixed with professional repairs, there are also many instances in which replacement may be, if not completely necessary, at least advisable. If, for instance, you have an old manual device, upgrading to a digital or programmable model makes a lot of sense.
  3. Incorrect settings are the simplest of all issues that you may encounter with your thermostat, and it really happens more often than you may think. While it sounds very obvious, you should check the settings prior to calling a trained professional to assess and service your thermostat. If you have it on a fan-only mode, or have just set the temperature higher than intended, you don’t really need professional help to resolve the problem.

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