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Toilet Leaks: Where Is Yours Located

When you hear the word “plumbing,” your mind may immediately jump to your bathroom. This makes a lot of sense, as this is definitely the area of your home with the most plumbing fixtures and points of use. Between your bathroom, your sinks, their faucets and handles, and your toilets, it is very clear that bathroom plumbing has a major role to play. That is exactly why any problems with your plumbing system are so inconvenient.

One call that we receive with some regularity is that of a leaking toilet. Leaking toilets can seriously disrupt homeowners’ days, and there are a number of leaks that may develop. The best thing to do is to schedule professional bathroom plumbing services in Spring, TX if you have any reason to believe that the toilet in your bathroom is leaking.

Valve Set Leaks

Can you hear your toilet tank fill, only to start filling again within a half hour or so? Is this phenomena accompanied by a gurgling sound? If this is the case, it is very possible that the valve set at the bottom of your toilet tank is leaking. The flapper, which seals the valve, may not be able to do so if the valve itself is covered with mineral deposits left by hard water. You may also have a damaged or misaligned flapper.

Leaking Tank

This problem may be a bit more serious than a leaking valve set. It’s possible that the connection between the water supply line and tank is not secure, which is a pretty easy fix. The bottom of the ball cock may also be leaking, which can be resolved by replacing it. This is a pretty cheap and readily available part. However, the bolts securing the tank in place may be leaking due to corrosion or damaged washers. Replacement of these components may be necessary.

Floor Leaks

This is the big one. If your toilet is leaking at its base, the wax ring sealing the connection of the toilet to the waste pipe may be broken. Replacing the wax ring will be necessary, and that requires that the entire toilet be removed. The ring will have to be scraped off, a new one put in place, and the toilet reinstalled.

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