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When Should I Clean My Air Ducts?

Certain facets of caring for your HVAC system have pretty hard set rules. Scheduling heating and air conditioning maintenance, for instance, is absolutely something you should be doing on an annual basis. However, there are other procedures that are not quite as clearly defined in terms of scheduling.

Duct cleaning is one of those procedures. Generally, it is recommended that homeowners have their air ducts cleaned every 3-5 years. There are certainly cases in which duct cleaning may be required more frequently than this, though. Consider the following tips, and let us know if you think it’s time for duct cleaning in Spring, TX.

  1. Visible dirt or mold. Part of the problem with figuring out when to clean your air ducts is the fact that you cannot really inspect the interior of your ductwork. Your ducts are hidden from view for the most part, and any exposed ductwork still is not transparent. If you peek into your registers and you can see blockages, mold, or dirt building up within, though, you should call a professional to have your air ducts cleaned.
  2. Lower indoor air quality. If pollutants in your ductwork would stay in your ductwork, they wouldn’t really be of that much concern. The fact is, though, that those pollutants are going to wind up in your living space. If you are suffering from reduced indoor air quality in your home, it could be due to the fact that your air ducts need a good cleaning.
  3. Reduced energy efficiency. Are you paying more than you’re used to in order to keep your home comfortable? If so, you may have issues with buildup in your ductwork. If there are pollutants in your ductwork, your air filter may get clogged and increase airflow resistance. Pollutants may also build up on sensitive components in your HVAC system, leading to reduced efficiency levels.

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