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Your Water Main Has Burst: What Do You Do Now?

There is no denying just how precious a resource potable water is in the home. Just think of all that you use water for, from doing the dishes and showering to washing your laundry and just general cleaning. That being said, though, water can cause some serious problems, too.

If you ever encounter a situation in which your water main in Spring, TX should burst, leak, or rupture, you need to act fast. Obviously, contacting our team to have the problem resolved as soon as possible is a must. Even before you do that, though, it is necessary to shut off your water at the source. Do you know how to do so?

Locate the Water Shut-Off Valve

In homes with basements, the water shut-off valve is usually quite easy to locate. Generally, it will be somewhere along the front foundation wall. Of course, due to our hard ground, high water table in certain parts of the state, and other considerations, not many homes in our area have basements.

Those homes with a crawlspace can be a bit less convenient to shut off the water in. The shut-off valve may be located by the water heater, or it may actually be within the crawlspace itself. If this is the case, you may want to consider the installation of a secondary valve in a more convenient to access area.

If your home is just built directly on a slab, then checking by the water heater should be your first of course of action. It is possible that it may even be under the sink. Regardless of where you may locate this valve, just turn it to the off position to stem the flow of water into your home. We can take it from there. For further protection, you may want to consider the use of an automatic shut-off valve on your property.

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